Choosing Tea Equipment

How to Brew (Steep) Tea

Steeping Tea Guidelines


  1. Place 1 teaspoon of tea per 6 oz. cup in tea infuser (for larger leaf, use a heaping teaspoon per cup).
  2. Bring filtered, fresh water to a boil. (soft water is best)
  3. Warm the teapot or mug with boiling water and pour out. (For green tea, just fill mug or teapot, wait a minute, and add tea.)
  4. Place tea infuser inside mug or teapot, add boiling water and steep proper time (see chart to the right).
  5. Remove infuser and you’re ready to enjoy!

Green Tea is best when brewed at a lower temperature. Let the boiled water cool on the stove for a minute or two, or splash a little cold water in the teapot or kettle, or just fill cold teapot or mug and add tea (no pre-heating).

Steeping Temps & Times for Tea


203° F

3-5 min


185-203° F

3-5 min


160-180° F

1-2 min


212° F

4-7 min


Good tea is not expensive!
Keep in mind that a pound of tea makes 180-200 cups. Therefore, a $7.00 bag of tea makes 50 cups (33 mugs) at a cost of .14 per cup.

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